Agent product
As the world's leading manufacturer of industrial automation, Siemens has been committed to providing every user with innovative technological solutions, which is also ToFine’s business philosophy. As early as 1996, ToFine and Siemens have worked together for the domestic automation users with a full range, all-round, whole-cycle products and technical services.
After more than two decades of cooperation and development, ToFine has successively and closely cooperated with two industrial groups, the Digital Process Unit (DF) and Process and Drive (PD). In addition, ToFine has been consecutively granted by Siemens "TOP100 Agents", "Siemens East China Best Agents", "Siemens FA BU Best Agents", "Siemens Fastest Growing Agents", and “Siemens Best Service Agents" over years, and has the sales performance ranked the top five among Siemens agents.
Independent product
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