ToFine RP series high-precision smart pressure transmitter

ToFine RP series high-precision smart pressure transmitter adopts the industry's leading high-precision sensor technology, up to ± 0.05% of the top precision. In addition, it has excellent reliability, better than ± 0.1% / 3 long-term drift sufficient enough to meet the stability requirements of applications. Complete product ranges cover the differential pressure/micro differential pressure/gauge pressure/absolute pressure transmitters and other categories for a wide range of measurement from 100Pa to 40MPa and under standard configuration, supporting Hart agreement and also with NEPSI and ATEX explosion-proof qualifications.

Among them, the working pressure of differential pressure transmitter includes 16MPa, 25MPa and 40MPa, with one-way overload pressure up to 40MPa. At the same time, choose package static pressure sensor for on-site work static pressure measurement and display or static pressure compensation; Micro differential pressure transmitter adopts the industry's leading double overload protection diaphragm technology. When conventional products are difficult to meet the needs of micro differential pressure measurement applications, it provides ultra-high precision up to ± 0.075%; Small gauge pressure/absolute pressure transmitter is designed with the world's leading pressure transmission lossless overload diaphragm technology, with one-way overpressure up to 7MPa (more than 1,000 times the full scale). For more details, please refer to the product selection manual.


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