ToFine EMF series electromagnetic flowmeter

ToFine EMF series electromagnetic flowmeter is suitable for the measurement of all kinds of conductive liquids (including solid-liquid two-phase fluid), free from temperature, pressure, density, viscosity and other factors, and the highest accuracy up to ± 0.3%. Support a variety of communication methods, in addition to Modbus, Hart protocol, the convenient Bluetooth communication can also be selected. In addition, the products also have gas and dust explosion-proof qualifications.

In the specific conditions when the correct liner and electrode are selected, EMF series products have strong adaptability to highly corrosive and highly abrasive media such as concentrated hydrochloric acid, dilute sulfuric acid, hydrofluoric acid, aqua regia, pulp, grout, coal slurry, slurry and so on. In addition, EMF series products have excellent range ratio and in the low flow rate and large changes in the flow of applications have outstanding application advantages. For example, the product can effectively measure low conductivity media with conductivity as low as 1μs/cm, suitable for pure water, soft water, demineralized water, distilled water, 98% concentration of alcohol and other media that cannot be measured with  electromagnetic flowmeter, and quite promising in the film industry, medicine, printing and dyeing, chemical industry, power and other industries; On the other hand, EMF series products can also measure the minute flow rate as low as 1L/h and work stably under the ultra-low flow rate of 0.03m/s, which can solve the process control problems such as dosing in the pharmaceutical industry. For more details, please refer to the product selection manual.


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