Range of products

· Robot body:six/four-axis robot, scara robot, delta robot, horizontal multi-joint robot, truss robot, rectangular coordinate robot, AGV;

· Welding associated equipment:welding power supply/ welding gun/ wire feeder, laser welding laser generator/ laser head, positioner;

· Grinding associated equipment:grinding head/ constant force sensor/ stress feedback system;

· Non-standard tooling fixture:pneumatic/electric/flexible clamp, suction cup, dust removing equipment, walking sliding table, non-standard structural member;

· Visual device:intelligent camera, fixed focus lens, light source, laser scanning equipment;

· External shaft of robot:ground rail/ hanger rail of robot, TCP rotation axis;

· Safety protection devices:safety sensors, safety doors, safety fences;

· Transmission line equipment

· Electrical control system:PLC, industrial computer, touch screen, control cabinet, switch interface, terminal

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