Typical Solutions to Water Treatment

In the environmental protection water treatment industry, ToFine is qualified in environmental regulation, energy management, low voltage electrical design and integration, industrial instrument selection and construction, and control system design and implementation. ToFine provides clients with solutions to intelligent water service, the integration of instrument and electric for desulfurization and denitrification, and the integration of instrument and electric for bioelectrogenesis. Through the long-term cooperation with many energy enterprises, our company has implemented lots of environmental protection projects, such as the renovation project of unit denitration, biogas processing control system, and waste water treatment automatic instrumentation system in paper mill, etc.

Based on the total solution built by Siemens products, the “smart water management system”, we regard the water plant as a whole and put advanced process control, intellectualized operation management and cost intelligent decision management into the total life cycle.

Energy management based on the integration of instrument and electric

With the help of intelligent devices like PCS7, intelligent motor protector, frequency converter and soft starter, we’ve built a whole plant integrated network platform, which not only helps process monitoring but also provides convenience for energy consumption management and predictive parsing of the equipment.

Integrated design and operations

Digital management platform COMOS, together with PCS7 and SIMIT, seamlessly transmits engineering data, making sure the data consistency of design data and data provided by automatic system, verifying the design data in digital simulation environment and conducting virtual test.
We build water plant using 3D technology for visualization. We engage 2D-3D two-way interconnected navigation in helping realizing the intelligent operation and management of the equipment in the water plant (water pump, valve, etc). Radically solve the problems in water plant equipment discrete management with the digital factory technology.

Integrated water platform

PVSS is used to monitor urban water network and water basin. PVSS has completely integrated the GIS system and has a video architecture independent from SCADA data. It uses statement and browser designed by EXCEL. It is also implanted the ultra light client.

APC project

Precise aeration module and intelligent dosing module based on APC. Compared with control scheme DO, APC project is better at the performance in NH4-N in effluent and total nitrogen stability. The consumption of power and agent also declined.

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