Technical Scheme of Intelligent Environment Control Box for Pig Farm

System overview

The traditional pig farm selecting manual feeding mode cannot accurately monitor the environment in the pigsty. The pigsty environment management relying on manual work can hardly meet the requirement of large-scale cultivation. In this year, the environment parameters, especially the temperature, humidity, ammonia, etc, have great influence on pigs in various stages from production to sale, and improper control will affect the survival rate, growth speed and the number of marketable fattened stock. Upon customers’ request, we have reformed the traditional manual environmental control mode for the original pig farm and created an intelligent environmental control system.
The main functional design of the product is led by the Engineering Department and Wisdom Agriculture Department. Function designs, such as data collection, display and terminal feedback, are performed with Siemens PLC as the controller;

Fig. 1 Design Principle Drawing

Fig. 2 Touch Screen Interface

Critical functions

· By using equipment such as environment temperature sensor, humidity sensor, ammonia gas sensor and hydrogen sulfide sensor, relevant parameters regarding pig production in pig farm can be collected, monitored, and alarm is provided when threshold value is exceeded;
· By means of the Internet of Things equipment and WiFi network covering the campus, the communication transmission of relevant data is realized, and meanwhile, the collection, preservation and transfer of relevant data are also realized by means of the agricultural system software;
· By using the automation control equipment (Siemens smart200 PLC), the fans, water curtains related equipment can be automatically controlled;
· By configuring main fan with frequency converter, enable smooth transition between start and stop, guarantee the service life, and effectively reduce the noise;
· The monitoring and control of mobile phone App and the flat panel can be achieved;
· We consider the scalability of Siemens controller and provide support for further expansion of subsequent automation control.

Product advantages

· Good safety stability—— both the industrial grade Siemens smart200PLC controller and equipped with double-door stainless steel cabinet can ensure the outdoor stability;
· Excellent ventilation efficiency——the combination of fan and water curtain under different temperature and humidity can ensure proper ventilation under different temperatures for pigs in different growth stages, allowing for deodorization, cooling effect;
· Convenient touch screen display and setup ——industrial grade Siemens touch screen is used to record the historic data of pig farm, form a history curve, facilitate early warning and monitoring, and also can customize the temperature and humidity settings to meet the application requirements of different stages of pig production.


The intelligent environment control system, at present, can allow for the following functions:
· Automatic control: realize the automation control of most equipment on the site, reduce the workload of personnel and improve the control precision;
· Accumulate: based on the storage database, complete the data storage, inspection, comparison and feedback, provide support for the subsequent analysis, optimization and traceability;
· Stable: By using the industrial grade PLC, frequency converter, touch screen, double-layer stainless steel cabinet and industrial electrical implementation standard, the overall equipment operation stability is ensured, and the service life and stability are improved; It is hoped that the "intelligent environment control system" constructed will practically facilitate the fine and intensive management of modern pig breeding.

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