Power & Energy

Power & Energy

Advantech provides a variety of solutions designed to be IEC 61850-3 compliant, including computing platforms, data gateways and Industrial Ethernet switches. These products play key roles in communications interoperability and interconnectivity for Power & Energy applications.

1Rackmountable Fanless Box PCs (UNO-4000 Series)

For grid and substation automation Advantech has developed a 19'' rack mounted Fanless Box PC designed for IEC 61850-3 compliance to be used with data gateways and computing platform devices. This product not only improves interoperability and interconnectivity, but also provides high reliabile functionality to meet the harsh and critical requirements of power automation.

2Managed Redundant Industrial Ethernet Switches (EKI-4000 Series)

In the power generation and energy transmission & distribution markets, reliable communication is a key necessity. Advantech's EKI-4654R, an IEC 61850-3 compliant Managed Industrial Ethernet Switch, features a 1U size with rear wiring and fast redundant X-Ring recovery time (<10ms), providing network management functions and redundant power supply for mission-critical interconnectivity in power substation applications.


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